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The majority of the people have a misconception that the rice cooker is a uni-tasker. If you are a person who eats rice everyday then the rice cooker can be of great help to you.

However, most of the people do not even think about cooking various dishes in the rice cooker. In fact, the rice cooker is not a uni-tasker, as they can be used for several other cooking purposes. One of the major advantages of the rice cooker is that it allows you to cook a large quantity of rice at one time. You can even prepare other dishes in a large quantity with the help of the rice cooker.


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easy one-button operation automatic keep warm system for up to 5 hours cool touch exterior air-tight lid locks in moisture and flavor cook and keep warm indicator lights removable non-stick inner pot with teflon coating condensation collection cup safety lock button



28 qt (50 cm) maria s kitchen caldero #22. made in colombia. a caldero is a cooking pot similar to a dutch oven with a tight-fitting lid. it is used to cook rice braise meat and simmer stews and soups. this item is not sold as a set each size is sold separately. for other products in this series see the skus below. 1.5 quart - 351278 2 quart - 3512792.5 quart - 3512803.5 quart - 3512814.5 quart - 3512826.5 quart - 35128311 quart - 35128419 quart - 35128528 quart - 351286



700-watt unit prepares up to 20 cups of cooked rice soup even chocolate fondue cool-touch lid; 1-touch operation; 12-hour auto keep-warm; auto shut-off carrying handle; locking button; dishwasher-safe nonstick pot and steaming tray accessories include tray measuring cup and rice paddle with paddle holder measures 11-4/5 by 11-4/5 by 11-2/5 inches; 1-year limited warranty



Cooking meals with this Wolfgang Puck pressure cooker makes it easy for even the busiest cooks to prepare meals from scratch. This kitchen appliance is perfect for fish, chicken, fresh vegetables, rice, and even desserts. Electric pressure cooker offers perfection in minutes. *The pressure cooker uses steam to break down the fibers of whatever you're cooking and infuse the food with flavors *Makes food higher in flavor and more nutritious than with conventional cooking methods *Features a delayed time option--delay the start time for up to 9 hours *Features a 5-quart capacity *Available with black trim option *Removable cooking pot *Serving spoon and rice scoop *Features a plastic storage lid for removable pot *Tempered glass lid with handle *Steaming/cooking rack *Preset programs for rice, meat, vegetables, soup and stew *Comes with rice measuring cup *Detachable power cord *Comes with user manual and recipes *Adjustable pressure regulator from 12-15 PSI *Locking mechanism in handle *Digital display with function, time, delay time, keep warm and cancel functions *Features six feet on the bottom for added stability *Measures 12 inches high x 11 inches in diameter *Model number BPCR0005 - BLACK This high-quality item has been factory refurbished. Please click on the icon above for more information on quality factory-reconditioned merchandise.



maria s kitchen gourmet collection 18 cm (1.5 quart) #2 new painted caldero. made of cast aluminum. made in columbia. a caldero is a cooking pot similar to a dutch oven with a tight-fitting lid. it is used to cook rice braise meat and simmer stews and soups. this item is not sold as a set each size is sold separately.



cooker/warmer. wide round heater. warm functionup to 12 hours. clock/timer presetup to 12 hours. 1.8 mm/1.5 mm thick non-stick inner pan. lcd screen. microcomputer controlled. easy cleaning. retractable power cord. includes spatula & 6-oz measurement cup. 10-cup



This rice cooker lets you make up to 6 cups of delicious, fluffy cooked rice. Great for white, brown, or flavored rice side dishes. The removable bowl is submersible and has a non-stick coating for easy cleaning. In addition to cooking rice, you can also steam vegetables in the included plastic steamer basket. You'll enjoy the convenience of the included rice scoop and measuring cup.



cook perfect rice every time with this compact rice cooker. it cooks all varieties of white brown and wild rice. the cooker also steams fish meat poultry and vegetables. the pure white finish and anodized cooking pot with glass lid makes this rice cooker a stylish addition to any kitchen! pure white finish hard-duty steel material can cook up to 6 cups of rice includes steam tray for rice meats and vegetables durable anodized cooking pot with glass lid anodized is a protective film used to coat aluminum or metal comes with rice paddle measuring cup and steam rack automatic shutoff 120v 60hz 300w alloy aluminum interior keeps food warm for approximately 2 hours after cooking removable rice bowl instruction manual included 1-year manufacturer s limited warranty overall dimensions: 9.9 h x 10.2 w x 8 d



Personnel: Tony Rice (vocals, guitar); Jerry Douglas (dobro); Cole Burgess (soprano saxophone); John Carroll (piano); Mark Schatz (acoustic bass).Night Flyer: The Singer Songwriter Collection features 17 non-instrumental cuts from the pioneering progressive bluegrass/new acoustic guitarist, and as a companion piece to Rounder`s 58957: The Bluegrass Guitar Collection, it`s a gem. Unlike fellow six-string genius Leo Kottke, Tony Rice actually possesses a decent voice, and though it never reaches the rich, emotional resonance of Gordon Lightfoot (a huge influence), it transcends its natural mediocrity with honest and clarity. Culled from half a dozen or so of his mid-`80s to late-`90s records, the songs are primarily covers of the folk and country variety from artists like Joni Mitchell ("Urge for Going"), Phil Ochs ("Changes"), Mickey Newbury ("Why You Been Gone So Long"), and James Taylor ("Me and My Guitar"), but Rice kicks off the collection with a brand-new, bitter, self-penned bluegrass cooker called "Never Meant to Be." There`s a nice piano and vocal version of Tom Waits` "Pony," the second of three previously unreleased cuts, which also include brother Larry Rice`s "About Love," a track proving that saxophone solos and good old country waltzes should sleep in separate beds. Throughout it all, Rice shares the load with a who`s who of acoustic legends like Jerry Douglas, Bu0002la Fleck, Sam Bush, Vassar Clements, and more, but it`s his effortless musicianship and oddly charismatic delivery that make these "sung" songs difficult to write off, even when comparing them to his phenomenal instrumental work. ~ James Christopher Monger Copyright (C) Muze Inc. 2005. For personal use only. All rights reserved.



The rice cookers are specially designed in such a way to resist any type of cooking methods except deep heating. It is not advisable to overheat the rice cooker, as there are chances for it to burst. This is the major reason behind using whistle for the rice cooker. The whistle that is placed on the cap of the cooker plays a major role in informing you that your food is ready. This will also avoid overheating the cooker. Some of the other dishes that can be made in a rice cooker are mentioned below.

Steel-cut oats

Rice Cookers
If the rice cooker has a congee setting or a porridge setting then you can use the cooker to make the dish, which is called as steel- cut oatmeal. You might find it difficult to use the correct proportion of ingredients required for this dish.

The major ingredients used for this dish is oats and water at the ratio 1:3 respectively. It is advisable to soak the oats at night and switch on the cooker in the morning when you are getting ready. Add cinnamon, nuts and dry fruits to enhance the taste as well as flavor of the dish. Therefore, this is the recipe for you to make steel cut oatmeal, which can be an ideal breakfast meal for everyone.


Polenta is another delicious dish that can be made with the help of a rice cooker. Lot of stirring is required to make this dish. The huge space present in the rice cooker will make the stirring process easier for you. You can also make a large quantity of this particular dish with the help of rice cooker.

The exact cooking time required for the beans depends upon the quality of the beans that you have bought. Low quality beans will take more time to cook when compared with the high quality ones. Lentils are made in the rice cooker using water and beans at the ratio 2:1 respectively. Stews and soups can also be made with the help of the rice cooker by simmering.

Therefore, these are some of the major types of foods other than rice that can be made with the help of a rice cooker. Reading this article will help you to make sure that the rice cooker is not a uni-tasker.